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University of Michigan
Arts Chorale

Concert dress

DEODORANT IS A THING. WEAR IT. PLEASE. It gets hot and cramped in the dressing rooms and below the stage prior to the concert, do yourself and your neighbor a favor.

Women: All Black. Flowy Dress pants/slacks (no yoga pants and leggings, you are at Hill Auditorium [literally one of the best places on this campus!!!] not the CCRB :D). A skirt is acceptable so long as it is knee length or longer, shirts must be at least 3/4 length. This goes for any dresses you may decide to wear: knee length or longer and 3/4. Please wear black tights/hose if you are wearing a skirt or knee length dress. No heels. No flashy jewelry and NO perfume.

Men: Black tux or dress pant and suit jacket/blazer. White shirt button up and black bow tie. Black shoes and socks.
Posted By: Daniel Wu on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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