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University of Michigan
Arts Chorale


Thursday, November 19

Right after the concert

Banquet: We go to the cottage inn and eat lots of pizza, hand out paper plate awards and have fun. Whether you have already signed the sheet or have just made the decision to attend banquet at this very moment...Everyone Please go to the google spreadsheet Banquet Confirmation! and CONFIRM whether you are attending, how many people you are bringing and whether you have any special dietary needs. You MUST Confirm by placing an (X) in the confirmation box. This must be complete BY SUNDAY NIGHT and all of your information including the # of people you plan on bringing MUST BE EXACT. Liz is only collecting money on Tuesday the 17th. She will NOT be collecting money at dress rehearsal because it will be a clusterF. $10 for choir members and $15 for each additional guest you bring.
Posted By: Daniel Wu on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

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