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University of Michigan
Arts Chorale

Update from Arianne

Here is the upcoming schedule for the next couple weeks. Try and listen to recordings and look ahead as much as you can!

Tuesday, October 13
*focus on
*Hostias (quam olim in particular)
*Agnus Dei
Lux aeterna
Domine Jesu

Thursday, October 15
Dies irae
Rex tremendae
Requiem/Lux aeterna

Thursday, October 22
Have english translation in your score! We will check your scores to make sure!

Tuesday, October 27
Hogan, We shall walk memorized
text for Requiem through Lacrimosa learned solidly

Thursday, October 29
Hogan, My Soul memorized
text from Domine Jesu through Lux aeterna learned solidly
Posted By: Daniel Wu on Monday, October 12, 2015

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